Navigate Mergers & Acquisitions with Confidence

In the high-stakes environment of mergers and acquisitions, understanding emerging narratives about the companies involved is crucial to preempting potential threats and maintaining effective communication.


Your Reputation Safety Net During a Merger or Acquisition

Be alerted to online threats and important narratives across your industry and competitive landscape.

Real-Time Narrative Identification:

Get ML-powered narrative identification across brands, leaders, industries, and audiences to preempt risks and maintain control during M&A processes.

Early Threat Detection:

Stay ahead of threats with our advanced monitoring tools. Our platform detects emerging threats before they escalate, assigning them a “threat score” to help guide action plans and mitigate risks effectively.

Combat Digital Deception:

From disinformation to deepfakes, our platform identifies and combats online deception. We provide key talking points and issue takedown notices, ensuring your organization is fully protected.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Monitor millions of sources across social media, broadcast, online news, blogs, and podcasts to ensure you have a complete understanding of the landscape.

Strategic Guidance:

Receive in-depth analysis and strategic guidance from our team of industry experts to navigate challenging situations effectively and control a positive narrative.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Protect your brand reputation with PeakMetrics’ narrative intelligence.