Narrative Intelligence

PeakMetrics is an end-to-end solution for organizations to identify, measure, and respond to emerging narratives


Emerging Social Platforms

Tracking conversations across emerging channels like TikTok and Reddit

Contextual Sentiment

Train your own sentiment, for personalized insight

Narrative Summarization

We use machine learning to summarize millions of conversations every day. Less boolean queries, more insights.

Discover the side of the internet you're missing

Monitoring in major channels like news and Twitter isn't enough. We help you identify conversations in niche websites and forums before they make their way into public consciousness.

  • Track conversations across channels like TikTok, Reddit and Podcasts (and all the others you'd expect!)

  • Tailor information streams using proprietary filters to reduce noise

  • Identify trends where they're actually beginning

Tracking across emerging channels matters. Stay ahead of the curve.


We help you maintain trust with your audience

Our media monitoring platform is designed to safeguard your brand's image and credibility.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    We measure your audience's emotions and opinions based on your criteria, enabling you to track and improve consumer sentiment across various media channels.

  • Real-time Alerts

    Receive instant notifications of any potential brand crises or reputation risks, empowering you to take swift action and manage situations before they escalate.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Monitor your brand's presence across all forms of online media, including news, social, and podcasts, ensuring a holistic understanding of your brand's performance.

  • Contextual Information

    We provide context as to the websites talking about you — including partisanship, ownership information, and credibility.

  • Customizable Reports

    Generate tailored reports with in-depth analytics and visualizations to showcase your brand's reputation baseline, threat scores, and key performance indicators, making it easy to share your success with stakeholders.

Stay ahead of the competition to benchmark your performance and create actionable insights.

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