Protect Your Reputation with Narrative Intelligence

Using state-of-the-art machine learning technology, we analyze more than 1.5 million media sources and 10 different social media platforms to identify media manipulation and adversarial attacks before they cause damage.

Detect, Decipher and Defend Emerging Narratives

We analyze millions of conversations in real-time to reveal and contextualize the insights you need

PeakMetrics Platform

We proactively identify emerging online narratives to ensure you're on top of what's trending

  • Gather More Robust Data: Access a platform tracking 1.5M+ online resources across 10 social
    platforms, providing the most comprehensive dataset available.

  • Enrich Your Data with Context: Data is great, but data with context is even better. Elevate your data by adding context, uncovering prevailing narratives amidst the noise.

  • Execute Effective Responses: Quantify risks and plan effective responses effortlessly. Get actionable insights to guide you on the next steps. From takedown notices to new talking points, we've got you covered.

  • Get Your Results Faster: Save time and effort. PeakMetrics delivers real-time narrative identification, eliminating the need for manual data sifting or intricate queries.


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