News Data to Power your Business

Use PeakMetrics to integrate millions of news articles into your business using a single API.
Media Monitoring

Monitor for mentions across news, blogs and more...

  • Easily track for mentions of your brand or clients across online, traditional, and social media.
  • Integrate media monitoring into your application using an easy-to-use, modern, API.
  • Easily generate reports on top of PeakMetrics' data.
Command center with multiple monitors and controls
Reportable's media monitoring suite is powered by PeakMetrics
Cyber Security

Protecting from information warfare threats

  • Brand Risk - Easily track your brand reputation and brand threats across hundreds of thousands of online news sites and blogs.
  • Data Leaks- Identify data and privacy leaks across the open web using an easy to integrate API.
  • Disinformation/Misinformation - Use PeakMetrics to discover, measure, and report on how adversarial narratives spread online.
Lines of light in various directions
The US Department of State and the Cyber National Mission Force have worked with PeakMetrics in the fight against disinformation.
Alternative Data

Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Move beyond traditional sensors and performance indicators to incorporate online news and social media sentiment into financial decisions.
  • Use familiar data analytics tools to incorporate PeakMetrics into your existing analysis and machine learning models.
  • Discover trends before they hit the public consciousness to make faster, more accurate decisions.
Map showing hotspots of activity
See around corners

The easiest way to integrate media intelligence

One of the most robust online news and blogs datasets in the world.


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