PeakMetrics uncovers patterns in online media narratives and IO campaigns

PeakMetrics improves data-to-decision processes by leveraging machine learning and automation to make it incredibly easy to parse through the information environment to identify trends and coordinated attacks in PAI/OSINT.
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Our Mission

Foreign adversaries have heavily invested in technology to disinform, misdirect, and stymie Western democracies through information warfare and influence campaigns. The sheer volume and speed at which information moves through the information environment make it impossible for an operator to rapidly identify critical trends and threats for timely and cost-effective data-to-decision processes.

PeakMetrics specializes in “narrative analysis”, a machine learning capability that automatically identifies key themes or trends in large datasets across multiple languages, pinpoints the audiences behind them, and visualizes context such as source credibility or ownership to deliver insights such as disinformation analysis and gray-zone information advantage.

Identifiers of Adversarial Operations

Analysis on cross-referenced datasets over time (such as across online news and different social media platforms) provides operators with a clear picture of how media narratives originate and propagate across the information environment to pinpoint adversarial activity.

Visualization of Coordinated Activity

Mapping content similarity and source metadata in the information environment reveals networks of coordinated activity working together to push disinformation and influence campaigns at scale.

Disinformation discovered by PeakMetrics

Learn how PeakMetrics supports the US Government, research partners, and more detect disinformation.

"In this new age of cyberwarfare and social manipulation, media monitoring, detection, and mitigation of disinformation operations is becoming more important than bombs and bullets."
- Warren Katz, Managing Director, Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstars

Capturing Commercial Success

PeakMetrics is a dual-use small business startup working with the government and the Department of Defense on several contracts. Prior performance includes sales of our COTS product, SBIR Phase I, II, and Phase III contracts, pilot programs, and IRADs.

PeakMetrics has successfully commercialized US Government-funded technology in the private sector.

Proudly BAE FAST Labs' 2020 Technology Innovation Partner of the Year

Battle tested by the Department of Defense

PeakMetrics' platform has been developed in conjunction with the Department of Defense's top innovation groups.

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Government Lead:

Michal Nowicki
[email protected]