PeakMetrics uncovers online narratives and IO campaigns

PeakMetrics improves data-to-decision speed by making it incredibly easy to parse through the information environment to identify trends and coordinated attacks in PAI/OSINT.
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Our Mission

In today's age of instant information distribution, negative public sentiment and misinformation can destroy the goals of a mission in minutes. PeakMetrics uses cutting edge neural networks to spot trends, discover what people care about, and predict the best path to get a message out there more effectively than ever before.

Flexible PAI Platform

PeakMetrics continuously processes hundreds of thousands of online news websites, blogs, TV/radio, and social media websites. PeakMetrics can add sources within hours, including TOR (dark web) websites and niche social sites.

Real-Time Insights

PeakMetrics analyzes the entire digital media environment, domestically and internationally, to provide mission-critical information. Deliver insights to commanders and concept of operations (CONOPS) faster than ever.

Disinformation discovered by PeakMetrics

Learn how PeakMetrics supports the US Government, research partners, and more detect disinformation.

"In this new age of cyberwarfare and social manipulation, media monitoring, detection, and mitigation of disinformation operations is becoming more important than bombs and bullets."
- Warren Katz, Managing Director, Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstars

Battle tested by the Department of Defense

PeakMetrics' platform has been developed in conjunction with the Department of Defense's top innovation groups.

Stay ahead of the information environment

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