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Learn how to protect yourself from disinformation and brand risk attacks with PeakMetrics.
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How it works

Enriched with NewsGuard

Filter, sort, and discover mentions of a brand or topic based on NewsGuard’s credibility ratings and metadata for more than 7,500 news and information websites—including the ability for clients to see whether their brand or competitors appear on credible news sources or on misinformation websites.

The Tools
You Need

PeakMetrics analyzes the entire digital media environment, domestically and internationally, to provide critical business insights. Leverage PeakMetrics' machine learning platform to detect online influence campaigns at scale and respond back when necessary.

Disinformation discovered by PeakMetrics

Learn how PeakMetrics supports the US Government, research partners, and others in detecting disinformation.

Battle tested by the
Department of Defense

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Government Lead:

Michal Nowicki
[email protected]