Our products are built on our shared data, algorithms and analytics platform

It's been battle-tested on some of today’s most complex media issues - from responding to crisis management situations to combating state-sponsored disinformation.

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MARTY: Data Ingestion

MARTY, our data ingestion engine, is one of the most robust data pipelines for online media data in the world.


Hundreds of thousands of online news websites, millions of blogs, social media networks, and TV/radio. Data availability in near real-time and in over 50 languages.


Incorporate new online data types in minutes, including TOR (dark web) websites, niche social media, and custom datasets.

AI Engines

We have developed a series of novel AI/machine learning capabilities that allow for real-time analysis of the world's media.

Narrative Identification

We identify how stories that are developing and cluster them into relevant narratives. This allows our users to identify patterns and trends over time.

Known Object Extraction

We extract names, locations, companies, organizations, people, and more. We standardize the data and connect this data to well-known knowledge graphs, automatically.

Sentiment Analysis

Our contextualized sentiment analysis allows operators to quickly train AI models with minimal data input to provide sentiment that is granular and topic-specific.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization capabilities allow operators to extract insights from data faster than ever before.

Built for today’s information environment

We provide customers with the intelligence they need to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate disruption, and protect themselves from today's and tomorrow's threats.
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