Narrative Intelligence for Analytics & Data Science Teams

Analytics and data science teams leverage PeakMetrics to surface actionable insights with speed and at scale.


How PeakMetrics Makes Analytics Teams More Efficient

Methodologies such as narrative machine learning accelerate manual narrative identification, sentiment analysis, and threat identification to help teams respond to threats faster.

Narrative Insights:

Get real-time, AI-powered narrative identification around your organization, leaders, industry, and competition.

Threat Scores:

Understand when a threatening narrative is mere smoke vs. fire.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Arm leaders with action plans faster by eliminating the need for manual data sifting.

Expert Analysis:

Access human-curated reports alongside AI-powered data to make informed decisions.

Uncover Digital Deception:

Find instances of disinformation and media manipulation at scale, including origins and network graphs.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Know More, Act Faster with PeakMetrics.