What Is Media Monitoring?

Decades ago, organizations had to manually pour through various media to see if they received news coverage. Today, media monitoring does this automatically using artificial intelligence. It then gives users the information they need to make accurate marketing and business decisions.

The Importance of Brand Mentions and the Ability to Track

Brand mentions can be extremely helpful or damaging to an organization. Media mentions can drive massive amounts of traffic to a website and generate highly effective word-of-mouth marketing. If this results in negative coverage, however, it can be very destructive and spread quickly. In this instance, quick reputation management techniques need to be employed.

It's also highly beneficial for organizations to track other terms aside from their own brand. By using specially chosen keywords, for instance, organizations can watch areas of interest. So, a non-profit for Alzheimer's patients, for example, can catch all the latest news and chatter on the disease, cures, care, and other related topics. This information can then be used for content generation, fundraising, and grabbing more attention for their cause.

Organizations may also want to monitor competition. With this information, it's possible to know what competitors are up to, what their target audience says about them, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and who they're marketing to. This knowledge will help organizations compete, but it's also a great way to spot opportunities.

The Ingredients of Quality Media Monitoring Software

The best media monitoring software will do all the work and provide users with usable data. Therefore, the first step is for a tool to monitor all relevant news sources in real time. Today, media monitoring can watch print, television, online, and social media. Specialty media monitoring tools watch alternative sources such as government feeds to find legislation changes and other relevant information.

Media monitoring tools need to do more than just find information using a name, keyword, or organization name. They need to provide additional information such as the context the mentions were made in and a link to the source. Then, users will get charts and data to help them understand what's happening with the searched terms.

Media monitoring software is a must-have tool for organizations of any kind including non-profits, political organizations, and educational institutions. The information they provide can greatly influence decisions and provide organizations with a wealth of opportunities. Organizations will wonder how they ever did business without this powerful monitoring tool.

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