Building a strong online reputation is crucial for business growth. Business owners who go all-in on growing a cohesive online brand know how important it is to monitor what is being posted online about their company and about their market sector. One way to stay on top of brand mentions is to use powerful brand monitoring software. You can find out not only what is being posted about your company, but keep an eye on your competition too. If you are considering using brand tracking software to grow your company’s online reputation, the following are five benefits you can enjoy.

1) Brand monitoring software can help you take advantage of market trends before your competitors even know a trend is emerging. Tracking data relevant to your market sector will help you spot trends early and integrate those trends into your social media marketing and content marketing strategy.

2) Using brand analysis software allows you to reduce the effects of harmful content about your brand. The sooner you know there is a storm brewing related to your company, the sooner you can activate your reputation repair strategy (you do have a crisis management strategy, right?).

3) Brand monitoring is an excellent data analysis tool for making strategic brand decisions. When you analyze brand data on an ongoing basis, you are able to make informed marketing and brand growth decisions.

4) Using brand monitoring software is a terrific way to discover distribution channels you might have overlooked. You can start for free using tools such as Google Alerts before upgrading to more powerful solutions, such as PeakMetrics’s, to uncover conversations relevant to your brand on distribution platforms you might not have considered for brand outreach. The ability to find real-time conversations happening on niche online publications is one of the most overlooked benefits of using brand tracking tools.

5) Influencer outreach is another fabulous benefit of using brand analysis tools. You’ll be amazed at the connections you can make simply by tracking mentions of your brand or keywords specific to your industry. Build a list of potential influencers and then begin outreach efforts to create brand ambassadors for your company.

These are just five of many benefits of using brand monitoring software.

Once you start using brand tracking technology, you’ll soon uncover many ways to use detailed data analysis to grow your brand.