PeakMetrics Wins Rising Star Award from Directory for Business Software

At PeakMetrics, we are passionate about helping businesses improve the way they interact with their customers. This is why we’ve created a platform that monitors your organization’s reputation by sifting through social media and providing you with information on what customers and other organizations are saying about you. It is for this reason that FinancesOnline, a directory for business software, decided to certify us with their prestigious 2019 Rising Star Award for social media monitoring software.

In their evaluation of the PeakMetrics social media monitoring features, FinancesOnline made sure to test their usability and flexibility against products from leading software vendors in the industry. After thorough deliberation, their software experts concluded that these are the features that made us stand out from the competition:

  • Advanced result filters - it allows you to get real-time updates on relevant mentions of your organization, competitors, or important industry news.
  • Smart analytics - it helps you make sense of data that you’ve collected on social media to analyze your performance or trends in your data.
  • Report generation - it provides you with instant reports and gives you the ability to share the data instantly with your team.
  • Seamless integrations - aside from seamlessly connecting with news sources for easier trend monitoring, it also plays well with third-party business systems such as Slack to help you streamline your operations.

FinancesOnline also commended our social media monitoring software for having an easy-to-use interface through the award: Premium Usability Software for 2019. Their experts said that despite leveraging artificial intelligence, advanced filtering systems, in-depth analytics, and robust report generation tools, this platform was incredibly simple to use, making it a good option for both novice and professional users.

Visit the FinancesOnline website to get access to the full review. If we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with you, don’t forget to leave a user review of your own to let us know how else we can take our social media monitoring solution to the next level.

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