PeakMetrics Brings NewsGuard Source Ratings to Clients, Helping Them Manage Brand Risk

Brands on PeakMetrics can track the prominence of relevant narratives over time, filter their mentions or search results by NewsGuard credibility level, and see whether their brand or competitors appear on credible news sources or on misinformation websites.

(August 17, 2023 — New York) PeakMetrics, the AI-driven media and narratives intelligence platform, today announced it is providing its clients with NewsGuard’s Reliability Ratings for news and information sources online, bolstering clients’ ability to identify adversarial online trends and manage brand risk.

Brands on PeakMetrics can track the prominence of relevant narratives over time, including which topics have been covered by high- and low-credibility news sources as rated by NewsGuard. Furthermore, brands can filter their mentions or search results by NewsGuard credibility level to zero in on high quality sites, and identify the potential misinformers publishing content about their brand.

PeakMetrics clients can now identify risky narratives and “potential threats” as flagged in this dashboard summary, filter social media and news content based on NewsGuard ratings in the right hand column of “Mentions,” and contextualize online trends surfaced by PeakMetrics, such as the authenticity breakdown using NewsGuard’s metadata for over 29,000 online news sources.

The partnership also enables clients to see whether their brand or competitors appear on credible news sources or on misinformation websites, including the growing number of Unreliable AI-generated News (UAIN) sites NewsGuard has identified, which pose a new brand safety threat online.

NewsGuard’s transparently produced trust ratings and detailed Nutrition Labels are now available to business-tier customers of PeakMetrics’ media monitoring platform, users of PeakMetrics’ Enterprise dashboard, and users of its Narratives intelligence product. PeakMetrics clients can filter media coverage, including mentions of a keyword, brand, or topic, by NewsGuard’s Reliability Ratings, and leverage PeakMetrics’ machine learning capabilities to identify anomalies in brand risk.

“We look forward to deepening our partnership with NewsGuard,” said PeakMetrics CEO Nick Loui. “With NewsGuard’s best-in-class credibility ratings now integrated into our platform, PeakMetrics clients can track relevant mentions and narratives while immediately understanding critical context. The emerging threat posed by information operations campaigns, adversarial social media narratives, and AI-generated falsehoods makes detailed source ratings more invaluable than ever. NewsGuard’s Nutrition Labels shine a light on how ratings are determined, enabling our clients to take swift action when risky narratives spread or adverse mentions occur on unreliable sites.”

The fast-moving landscape of online misinformation and disinformation can upend the decades-long reputations of companies and organizations in minutes. As such, defending against the emerging threats of both human- and AI-powered false information online is a corporate imperative for crisis management and risk mitigation. This partnership will enable PeakMetrics’ clients on public relations and brand reputation teams to access detailed source credibility information at an instant, providing much needed context for better responding to media inquiries and press requests.

“The scale of AI-generated misinformation easily rivals any targeted attacks by humans online, and can cause irreparable damage if not identified and addressed in a timely manner,” said Sarah Brandt, EVP Partnerships at NewsGuard. “It’s more important than ever that brands keep an ear close to the ground and stay informed with the best sources of intelligence and context for their decision making.”

NewsGuard’s team of trained journalists assesses each site using nine apolitical criteria of journalistic practice, designed to assess the site’s credibility and transparency practices. The rating is described in a detailed “Nutrition Label” review, providing transparency to readers and publishers around how each rating was determined. NewsGuard’s trust ratings and explanatory Nutritional Labels will enable PeakMetrics’ clients to manage risks while optimizing branding and other publicity opportunities.

To learn more about NewsGuard’s offerings for reputation management companies, click here.

Press contacts:
Sarah Brandt, NewsGuard [email protected]
Nick Loui, PeakMetrics [email protected]

About NewsGuard

Founded by media entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Steven Brill and former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz, NewsGuard provides transparent tools to counter misinformation for readers, brands, and democracies. Since launching in 2018, its global staff of trained journalists and information specialists has collected, updated, and deployed more than 6.9 million data points on more than 35,000 news and information sources, and to catalog and track all of the top false narratives spreading online.

NewsGuard’s analysts, powered by multiple AI tools, operate the trust industry’s most accountable and largest dataset on news. These data are deployed to fine-tune and provide guardrails for generative AI models, enable brands to advertise on quality news sites and avoid propaganda or hoax sites, provide media literacy guidance for individuals, and support democratic governments in countering hostile disinformation operations targeting their citizens.

Among other indicators of the scale of its operations is that NewsGuard’s apolitical and transparent criteria have been applied by its analysts to rate news sources accounting for 95% of online engagement with news across nine countries.

About PeakMetrics

PeakMetrics is an industry leader in AI-driven media intelligence. It works by mining millions of unstructured, cross-channel media datasets in real-time to extract actionable insights. By aggregating all types of social and traditional media, PeakMetrics uses machine learning to predict how messages will evolve and propagate online. The platform has been put to the test in managing today’s most complex media issues – from crisis management situations to combatting state-sponsored disinformation. For more information or to register for a PeakMetrics demonstration, visit


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