PeakMetrics and Reality Defender Announce Partnership to Combat Digital Deception and Deepfakes At Scale

(Los Angeles & New York, March 7)PeakMetrics, a leader in AI-driven narrative intelligence, today announced an exclusive partnership with Reality Defender, the premier deepfake and AI-generated media detection platform. Leveraging PeakMetrics' advanced machine learning capabilities in mining and assessing billions of cross-channel online data points with Reality Defender's state-of-the-art deepfake detection technology, the companies’ partnership creates a new joint offering of unparalleled protection for brands and executives against fraud, scams, and impersonation on a macro data level.

"By uniting the strengths of PeakMetrics and Reality Defender, we are creating a powerful shield against the rising tide of digital deception," said Nick Loui, CEO of PeakMetrics. "This collaboration empowers brands and executives with the tools they need to combat fraud, scams, and impersonation effectively that are developing in the open internet and builds on our award winning work in combatting disinformation and online narrative attacks."

At the heart of this partnership is an innovative solution designed to alert organizations to deepfakes circulating online and in the deep web, delivering a comprehensive intelligence feed that contextualizes the narratives surrounding these deceptive media. Leveraging advanced deepfake detection technology, Reality Defender identifies manipulated content in real-time as it emerges across social media, news, and the deep web, enabling organizations to swiftly respond to potential threats. Customizable alerts empower brands to tailor the system to key areas of concern as PeakMetrics' narrative analysis offers strategic insights into how deepfakes could affect reputation and perception. Subscribers also receive PeakMetrics’ expert guidance on impact mitigation, from PR strategies to legal recourse, facilitating proactive protection of brand integrity.

"This partnership embodies our mission to defend the fabric of digital reality," stated Ben Colman, CEO of Reality Defender. "Working side-by-side with PeakMetrics enhances our capability to scale deepfake detection to an unprecedented level, ensuring that brands can operate in a digital ecosystem where trust is paramount."

As the product currently moves through its testing phase with select enterprises and brands, both PeakMetrics and Reality Defender are excited to expand its availability, offering a robust solution to organizations worldwide. Learn more.

About PeakMetrics 

PeakMetrics provides a narrative intelligence platform that helps enterprises and governments identify and combat emerging online narrative threats. Using state-of-the-art ML technology, PeakMetrics analyzes more than 1.5 million media sources and 10 different social media platforms to identify media manipulation and adversarial attacks in real-time, before they cause damage. Organizations use PeakMetrics to discern source credibility, understand how audiences spread narratives, and quantify risk and response scenarios — without spending millions on crisis communication and manual sentiment analysis. Detect, decipher, defend at

About Reality Defender

Reality Defender is a cybersecurity company helping enterprises and governments detect deepfakes and AI-generated media. Utilizing a patented multi-model approach, Reality Defender is robust against the bleeding edge of generative platforms producing video, audio, imagery, and text media. Reality Defender's cloud-based deepfake detection web platform and corresponding API empowers teams to identify fraud, disinformation campaigns, and harmful deepfakes in real time.

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