Introducing TV + Radio Broadcast Monitoring

Track National + Local TV Mentions
Local TV and radio is often the launching pad for emerging issues. Easily discover and pinpoint relevant news of your organization, competitors, and people across all 210 DMAs.

Near Real-Time Broadcast Media Intelligence
Retrieve your TV or radio clip within moments of broadcast. Our near real-time access provides what you want, when you want it.

Demonstrate ROI for PR Efforts
Quickly search and find your client's TV clips and create a detailed report. Add Nielsen viewership data and SQAD publicity value, so you can show pickup and prove ROI.

Edit Save & Share Media
Use PeakMetric's intuitive clip editor to create sharable URLs and send to your colleagues and executives to keep them well informed.

Consolidate Media Monitoring with One Platform
Save time and monitor your client's news mentions all from a single platform!

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