How to Use Analytics to Spread Your Message

Is your organization optimizing its use of analytics to spread its message as far as possible? In this post, we'll look at how you can use analytics to track your organization's mentions, find the right audience to which you can spread your message, and use this data to strengthen your campaigns.

Track Mentions Geographically

Tracking your organization's social media mentions by location can help you understand where your organization is having an impact. You can target specific areas to divert resources and funding. If you receive an alert about a groundswell of interest in your organization's work in a particular state or city, you may want to deploy staff there. You can rally like-minded individuals in support of your cause. It gives you the first step in knowing where you should focus your efforts.

Find Sites Discussing Topics In Which Your Organization is Interested

Whether its forums, Facebook groups, or niche blogs or news sites, it's important to find the individuals who are discussing your cause or a topic related to it. Having automated alerts set up notifying you to these discussions can help you take the public's temperature on a key topic. This also lets you stay ahead of the news and see how opinions on a specific issue are trending. The ability to observe new developments online will help you quickly craft effective messaging in response before they appear in major media outlets.

Public Relations Monitoring

You can also use analytics as a public relations monitoring tool. Set up a sophisticated alert system to track social mentions of your organization by other organizations and public relations campaigns. This allows you to observe public relations trends in your field as well as observe how the public perceives your campaign. You can even respond to social media posts that may not mention your organization directly but reference a topic on which your organization is focused.Get the most out of your analytics and put CivicFeed to work for you. Our simple to use platform offers solutions to keep you alerted to online mentions of your organization and issues relevant to your cause. Contact us today to request a demo.

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