Are you missing media mentions?

With the advent of the internet and social media, more conversations are happening outside of traditional sources. Where are these conversations taking place and how can one find, track, and understand them? 

  1. Social Media

‘Social media’ has become a placeholder for a wide range of internet media, but each social media site has a unique style. Twitter, for example, is limited to 280 character posting limits while Reddit offers subreddits, pages dedicated to certain topics, ideas, or causes. Because of these differences in their platforms, combing through a Twitter feed looks much different than scrolling through Reddit.

  1. Video 

There’s no doubt online video has become an important player in the media landscape. Every day, almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube. Because of its prevalence in the media space, it’s the second largest search engine after Google!

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are experiencing a massive growth trend. Since 2017, the average weekly unique user who downloaded NPR podcasts has grown by 3x. As the podcast community continues to expand, it’s imperative media experts are aware of the conversations taking place on the platform and adjust their media capturing strategies accordingly.

  1. Trade Publications

In addition to the fore-mentioned sources, online publications, smaller local papers, and e-newsletters have become prominent communication sources in the B2B and B2C spaces. In healthcare media alone, the volume of articles in medical journals increased by 10x in six years. With so much new media being published every day, how can one position themselves to capture as much as possible without spending countless hours sifting through unhelpful results?

  1. A Solution

Finding a comprehensive media monitoring solution has been notoriously difficult for digital media professionals. At PeakMetrics, we’re excited to offer a product that consolidates media mentions into a single feed. 

In addition to providing comprehensive monitoring across traditional news media sources, we offer tracking across TV/radio, podcasts, social media sites, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit, and can even access custom sources like e-newsletters or online trade publications to make your search as precise as possible.

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