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There are multiple news articles concerning Lowes that highlight ongoing activities and issues related to the company. Key topics include product listings, incidents of theft, and the involvement of Lowes in sporting events. The trend shows that Lowes is actively engaged in both commercial operations and community events, but faces challenges including theft and potential negative publicity. Addressing these issues is crucial for maintaining its reputation.
  • Product Listings
    Lowes has several product listings for skylights and other items on its website, indicating active commercial operations.
  • Theft Incident
    There was a case of theft by deception reported at a Lowes store located at 2449 E Market St, which could impact the store’s security reputation.
  • Sporting Event Involvement
    Lowes is mentioned in various sports articles, particularly related to events like WorldSBK, showing its engagement with community and sports activities.
  • Celebrity Association
    Articles about Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl Berkoff indicate media attention around the name 'Lowes,' which could lead to increased public interest.
  • Mixed Publicity
    The articles about Lowes cover a wide range of topics from product listings to theft, showing that the company's public image is multifaceted and needs careful managing.
PeakMetrics, through its Detect, Decipher, Defend Framework and AI platform, could help Lowes monitor emerging narratives and reputation issues, enabling proactive responses to both positive engagements and potential threats.
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