We've changed our name!  CivicFeed is now PeakMetrics

Media intelligence
made easy

PeakMetrics analyzes media across social, online news and broadcast. Discover the insights you need to make communications decisions across every channel faster.

"PeakMetrics picks up stories from smaller publications that Google Alerts doesn’t always catch."
Kayla, SKDKnickerbocker
Kayla, SKDKnickerbocker

Move past social listening

We scour 50k+ news sources, 5+ social platforms, and TV/Radio in all 210 Nielsen markets to let you know when your organization, your competitors, or any phrase is mentioned. All in a single dashboard.

Cut through the noise

Rely on our smart algorithms to tailor your search. There are over 100 ways to customize your results, from source type to hyperlocal location, down to the latitude and longitude.

Build influence

Discover the people behind the stories. Determine the topics that journalists write about, their influence, and recent stories. Build contact lists and find the right people to talk to.

Quantify success

Measure sentiment and message effectiveness, rather than traditional metrics such as reach or views in order to actually understand how your message resonance.

Develop beautiful reports at the click of a button.

"It’s been so easy to be aware any time our agency or one of our issues is mentioned."
Mary O’Doherty, Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Mary O’Doherty, Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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