Know More, Act Faster with Narrative Intelligence

PeakMetrics empowers governments and organizations to proactively detect, decipher, and defend against emerging narrative threats.

PeakMetrics’ proven framework to safeguard reputation

Experience the power of our Narrative Intelligence platform firsthand


Discover emerging narrative threats early.


Understand why narratives spread and be alerted to critical threats.


Act fast with guided plans to combat harmful narratives.

Reputation accounts for 63% of a company’s market value

- Weber Shandwick

Why PeakMetrics?

Stay ahead of emerging narrative threats

  • Narrative Identification: Get AI-powered narrative identification around your organization, leaders, industry, and competition.

  • Threat Scores: Understand when a threatening narrative is mere smoke vs. fire.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Arm leaders with action plans faster by eliminating the need for manual data sifting.

  • Expert Analysis: Access human-curated reports alongside AI-powered data to make informed decisions.

  • Uncover Digital Deception: Identify instances of disinformation and media manipulation at scale, including origins and network graphs.


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