Respond to online threats before they affect your reputation

We analyze millions of news sites, blogs, and social media channels to help you identify and respond to emerging online trends and narratives that could derail years of brand building

“Every PR agency I've worked with gives you an email that lists every story. PeakMetrics is the first tool I've seen that provides the measurements to work in a more conscious way than anyone is doing right now.”

Christopher Budd — Security, Privacy, Crisis Management and Communications Expert

Discover Narratives

Our machine learning sifts through millions of conversations every day highlighting the ones that affect the perception of your brand

PeakMetrics Platform

We proactively identify emerging online narratives to ensure you're on top of what's trending

  • Track over 1.5M news sources, blogs, social networks, podcasts, TV/radio, email newsletters all in a single place
  • Leverage machine learning to automatically identify and attribute narratives spreading online about you, your industry, and your competitors
  • Gain insights to respond faster and more effectively — whether that's launching a counter-narrative, filing take-down notices, doing nothing at all, or shifting marketing strategies

A faster path to resolution



Track millions of conversations in a single place


Rapidly identify key narratives, influencers, and audiences


Develop strong counter-messaging and file takedown notices

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