Track Government Action

Discover documents within thousands of government databases.
From city council minutes to legislation.


PeakMetrics helps you discover information faster.

PeakMetrics Alerts you to changes in government databases, giving you insights into lobbying records, campaign finance data, local city council minutes, Congress, and more, allowing you to track your influence on movement building and policymaking.

Identify Conversations

Monitor everything from local city council minutes to the congressional record for when your issue or politicians are being discussed.

Reputation Management

Manage your organization’s reputation or monitor your competition by tracking when competitors create SEC filings or are mentioned in court opinions.

"PeakMetrics identified a relevant FDA report for one of our clients."
Olivia Durr, SKDKnickerbocker
Olivia Durr, SKDKnickerbocker

Understand Frequency

See and track how often documents are created over time to get an overview of how fast the government is moving on the issues that matter to your organization or campaign.

Broad Coverage

Search full texts from government databases, even if it's a PDF. Our powerful platform can find mentions of the keywords, people or phrases you need to track.

Search Full-Text

Discover phrases and sentences that get appears in government databases.

Want to know if we track the government databases you care about?