PeakMetrics keeps you briefed on the competition

Scouring millions of news, social media, and government webpages, scanned PDFs saved as images, and much more, you can stay fully up-to-date on the narratives developing around your competition

Measure Performance

Use powerful visualizations to easily measure public opinion and news coverage of your competitors and compare them to yours or against each other.

Smart Filters

Customize your alerts by source, social shares, or time and make sure you’re only spending time reading the most relevant information about your competitors.

On the Go

Use our mobile app to stay updated on the go. Set up and receive alerts from your phone, read articles instantly, and share them with your team, so no-one misses a thing.

Find Influencers

Track the authors and sources that are talking about competitors most frequently – and then deep dive into the analytics to see more about how they cover a topic, their influence, and their recent stories, or reach out to them yourselves.

"PeakMetrics is streamlined and simple."
Associate, Public Affairs Agency