PR & Communications

Monitor every channel, get your message out, quantify impact.

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The tools you need for today's increasingly fragmented media landscape.

Whether you want to understand public opinion, stay up-to-date on your competitors and industry, or share the most critical media hits with your team and clients, PeakMetrics is your one-stop-shop for understanding and reporting on today's media landscape.

"Compared to Google Alerts, PeakMetrics has been better at real-time monitoring."
Olivia, SKDKnickerbocker
Olivia, SKDKnickerbocker

Track Media Coverage

Leverage data-driven insights, produce reports, and inform your digital communications strategy.

Share Media Coverage

Share media coverage through daily briefing emails, presentation style reports or downloadable clipping spreadsheets.

Customize Alerts

Over 100 filters to ensure that you're finding the needle in the haystack.

3rd Party Integrations

Save time and integrate with the tools you’re already using, whether it’s email, Slack or Hootsuite.

Multitudes of Sources

Track across online news, social media, TV and Radio broadcasts, in a single place.

Track Radio & TV

Coverage of all 210 US Nielsen designated market areas and over 2,200 TV, and radio stations, including all major network affiliates and national cable stations, within minutes of airing.