Which Democratic Presidential Candidates Receive the Most Media Attention?

The fifth Democratic primary debate in November will see ten candidates on stage, with today as the deadline to qualify.

Of these ten candidates, we looked to understand how their media coverage has changed since the week following the October debate, and who's dominating the lion's share of media coverage moving into November.

Biden continues to dominate media coverage, with a slight increase in % of online news and a significant increase in TV/Radio share of voice, as a result of the impeachment inquiries.

Biden, Buttigieg, and Booker receive a higher percentage of their media hits in TV/Radio vs online news where Yang is a clear winner

Using headline as an indicator for primary interest in the story, Buttigieg and Gabbard stand out as having a high percentage of their coverage focused on them

We'll be continuing to monitor how the media landscape changes over the coming months, especially with the next debate around the corner and the continued impeachment investigation.

Stay tuned!

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