RT.coms GOP Terminology Bias and ACLU-pros Dem Bias

Russia Today's (RT) political and world news summaries score .56 R using our biased-legislative-phrase spotting and scoring. CNN and WSJ politics and world news feeds are .47 R, by comparison. These are just the headlines and summaries, and much of the bias is found in the story, not just the summary. But what's more interesting is to see what terms RT uses that contribute to that higher score. Sometimes one doesn't realize a phrase is mainly used by one party and not the other. Sometimes it's pretty obvious.

"tech police", "conservative groups", "global cybersecurity", "judicial watch", "war machine", "mars missions", "china sea report", "challenge china", "homeland threat", "lack of justice", "tax-exempt status", "involving thousands", "awarded joint custody", "industry fails", and "sanctuary policies" are all R-speak.

Meanwhile, ACLU's in-favor-of press releases get a .03 R score from us (almost a perfect .97 D), based on biased-legislative-phrase-spotting.

Some of the Dem-speak in recent weeks from their feed: "unsafe sexual practices", "housing without discrimination", "general climate of hostility", "regarding gender identity", "concept of alternative employment", "encountered prejudice", "accommodation prohibited", "message of intolerance and discrimination", "offer of hire", "intolerable truth", "deny another access", "gender stereotypes".

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