Public Relations Strategies Heading Into the Holiday Season

Once again, we find ourselves at the cusp of another holiday season. And while this year’s celebrations of some of the most important holidays may look different due to COVID-19, there are still useful public relations strategies you can utilize to help your business or brand stand out this holiday season and make your PR strategy more effective. 

Use the holidays to your advantage

Depending on the nature of your brand or business, it could be useful to coordinate public relations efforts with holiday themes. While you should be cautious to generate inclusive public relations content, that encapsulates holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa in addition to Christmas, you can be creative with your approach. One example could be to ask clients about their New Year’s Resolutions. At a time when people are reaching out to friends, family and those who mean the most to them, your brand “checking in” creatively could do the trick. By reaching out and being consistent in your messaging during the holiday season, you can demonstrate that you’re there for your clients in a compassionate and effective way. 

One of the most effective ways this has been done in recent years is USPS’s “Operation Santa”. It is incredibly heartwarming to read letters sent by children to Santa nationwide, and USPS capitalized on their unique role to make themselves stand out this holiday season. 

Keep Generating Content

Whether your business generates public relations activity through blog posts and newsletters on your website or through social media, it is important to continue putting out this content. Users of social media platforms are likely to increase their use of these platforms towards the holidays, and you don’t want to miss out on this extra activity. If you increase your social media activity and ensure that you’re generating relevant holiday content, you could improve your brand’s image online. Furthermore, since this year’s holiday season is constrained by the coronavirus pandemic, more people will likely be online and able to view your content. Plan content ahead of time for when individuals are out of the office, and use this time of year to stand out. 

Plan for the New Year

As people are deciding on resolutions and new strategies for the upcoming year, make sure to jump in on the dialogue. Encouraging your clients or customers to share New Year's resolutions could be a clever way to engage with your audience. Alternatively, ask those individuals what improvements or changes to your product they’d like to see in the New Year. 

Ensure you’re finding the right target audience

It is important to ensure that you’re reaching out to the right people in marketing and advertising efforts. Keep in mind that, with the holiday season, your target audience has the potential to shift and change. Tools such as Google Analytics can be helpful in measuring the effectiveness of your strategy, but there are other ways to improve public relations as well. PeakMetrics can help your brand track down the latest trends in the media and identify the appropriate journalist to help you cover your story. 

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