Product Update: Browse and Take Action On Mentions More Easily

We are excited to introduce even more improvements to our Alerts page that make browsing mentions and taking action even easier.

You can now:

  • Take action on multiple mentions at the same time: bookmark, add respective journalists to a media list and create outreach newsletters.
  • Scroll an infinite list of mentions; no more managing multiple pages and juggling "next page" and "previous page" to find what you are looking for — just scroll!
  • Multiple sorting options including Date Published, Date Discovered, and Social Engagement.
  • Mark mentions as Read or Unread to keep track of which ones you have reviewed.

To further improve usability, we also redesigned our Alert navigation so that all possible Alert actions are in one place:

  • Share Alerts by sharing a public link to the list of mentions, share a dynamic RSS feed of that Alert's mentions, and export the mentions to a CVS so you can import into your favorite spreadsheet tools like Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Modify Alerts by editing the keywords or deleting the Alert if it's no longer needed.
  • Filter Alerts by source, author, geography, or language.

Love it? Hate it? Need something else? Let our SVP of product know.

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