Was the Beto Announcement a Big Bang or a Baby Bump?

April 10th 2019

Using the #PeakMetrics mentions tracker, with Joe Biden’s numbers providing a common frame of reference, let’s look at the announcements of some of the major Democratic contenders.

Kirsten Gillibrand announced Mar 17, and it’s a clear peak.

Pete Buttigieg announced Jan 23 with a peak, but did twice as well after showing $7m of fundraising Apr 1.

Kamala Harris announced Jan 21 with the first of many rising, then falling peaks.

Amy Klobuchar showed up on Feb 10 with two echo peaks.

Beto arrived Mar 14 late in the day, a bit strangely timed, so he rose on the 15th, then continued to rise as the punditry progressed. There is no question he is a bit of a different media darling. But his was a baby bump in relation to Biden’s recent big bang, and Biden hasn’t even announced yet.

Feb 19 was Bernie Sanders, and Feb 9 Elizabeth Warren. Other candidates’ announcements and post-announcement attention/mentions are interesting too, and can be found at #PeakMetrics for those curious, those reporting, or those responsible for improvement thereof.