Updating the Basics

June 11th 2020

We are always striving to make the PeakMetrics experience even better. Even the basics! 

Some recent updates:

We purchased PeakMetrics.comHow will this affect you?

  • In addition to PeakMetrics.com, you can still reach the platform through peakm.com.
  • If you use a password manager, you will want to save your login credentials to PeakMetrics.com in the password manager.

We simplified how you create an alert:

  • You can tailor your alerts to the phrases you want to “include all”, “include any”, and “exclude” without worrying about creating a complex search formula.
  • If you want to continue using AND/OR, +/-, or other Advanced Search tools, check the “Advanced Search” box to continue creating alerts the way you like. 

We look forward to your thoughts on the new way to create an alert! As always, please reach out with feedback or questions. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy.