North Korea and China are not particularly partisan topics, but Iran sure is

March 27th 2019

Again looking at #PeakMetrics’s phrase-bias scoring for the past month, Left and Right differences are interesting when considering phrases that name other countries.

For example, “North Korea”and “China” are not particularly partisan topics, but Iran sure is:

R 100 “north korea summit during primetime”
R 100 “north korea pulls”
R 67 “jong-un of north korea”
R 58 “policy toward north korea”
R 58 “opening of north korea”
R 58 “north korea, contradicting”
R 54 “trump and north korean president”
R 54 “shows north korea”
R 54 “north korea, vietnam”
R 54 “north korea proposed”
R 54 “north korean technicians jointly dismantle”
R 54 “north korean negotiators believed”
R 54 “north korea engagement”
R 54 “founder of north korea”
R 54 “first us-north korean summit”

are phrases on the right, while on the left:

L -53 “tourism in north korea”
L -53 “totalitarian nuclear power north korea”
L -53 “north koreans think”
L -53 “north korea envoy”
L -53 “north korea and sentenced”
L -53 “discuss north korea”
L -53 “allow north korea”
L -56 “us-north korea relationship”
L -57 “summit north korea”
L -57 “dictator of north korea”
L -60 “jailed by north korea”

For China, on the right:

R 100 “test china”
R 100 “religious freedom in china”
R 100 “china and intel cooperation”
R 75 “problem in china”
R 62 “trends in china”
R 61 “reports in china”
R 61 “china state media”
R 58 “parents in china”

And on the left:

L -60 “uighur autonomous region, china”
L -60 “topic of china”
L -99 “recycling programs china stopped importing”

Iran is a bit different:

R 100 “zarif iranians never compromised”
R 100 “tehran iranian foreign minister mohammad”
R 100 “service of iranian parliament”
R 100 “release of iranian border”
R 100 “past iranian calendar year”
R 100 “next iranian calendar year”
R 100 “iranian transport”
R 100 “iranian, syrian generals”
R 100 “iranian space agency”
R 100 “iranians never compromised”
R 100 “iranian prisoners”
R 100 “iranian police officers”
R 100 “iranian plane”
R 100 “iranian parliament icana”
R 100 “iranian military experts and technicians”
R 100 “iranian legislator”
R 100 “iranian lawmaker”
R 100 “iranian investors”
R 100 “iranian foreign ministry spokesperson bahram”
R 100 “iranian foreign minister zarif”
R 100 “iranian experts”
R 100 “iranian deputy foreign minister abbas”
R 100 “iranian counterpart mohammad javad zarif”
R 100 “iranian banks and conduct”
R 100 “iranian and iraqi officials”
R 100 “decision iranians”
R 100 “anti-iran sanctions”
R 91 “iranian space”
R 90 “iranian football”
R 88 “iranian and iraqi nations”
R 86 “iranian nation toppled”
R 83 “iranian football federation”
R 83 “iranian artists”
R 80 “iranian titles”
R 75 “last iranian calendar year”
R 67 “staff of iranian armed forces”
R 67 “iranian developers”
R 63 “iranian envoy”
R 63 “iranian bank”
R 63 “iranian market”
R 60 “iranian cities”

While the left is meh, or at least in line with the center, on Iran:

L -59 “iranian election”
L -65 “iranian airspace”
L -99 “iranian student”

The left is so uninterested in Iran, or at least in line with center, that the next most left-biased phrase containing “iran” is about Lin-Manuel Miranda!

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