Mueller Report Reporters

April 18th 2019

One reason why your newsreader should rate the author bias and not just the publication bias is that slant is often hidden among straight. Today’s Mueller Report reporting is an example.

Consider Breitbart, which is known by many to be on the right. Articles on the Mueller report were just featured on their website by authors of slightly different stripes: Four main articles by Joshua Caplan whose language (not sentiment) is essentially center-rated by our phrase counting:

One by another apparent centrist, Nate Church:

And among those articles, the right-biased Kristina Wong, according to our algorithms, where her lean is based mainly on national security issues:

and the consistently right Ian Hanchett, according to our calculations, who gives Breitbart its general reputation on the right:

Another lead Mueller article at Breitbart is from Charlie Spiering, who uses the dog whistle, “Democrat Party”:

There was even a featured article by Justin Caruso, who pegs left with his language by our counts, because he covers their Hollywood angle:

but who is clearly Breitbart-aligned if one looks at his recent articles:

Guardian (UK) and Russia Times do the same thing, mixing the more biased among the less, presumably hoping to catch the reader with defenses down.

Even with the Washington Post, it’s important to know where each article’s author is coming from.