This year, PeakMetrics welcomed 6 interns to the team. Spanning from Carnegie Mellon University to UCLA, USC and Occidental College in Los Angeles, our interns work across multiple departments from marketing to product to engineering. We’re excited to have them on board and for what they will accomplish over the upcoming months. We hope that you enjoy meeting them below. 

Shannon Liu – Business Economics, UCLA, Class of 2021

Shannon is a Business Economics student at UCLA, graduating in June 2021. She spent her third year abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo. One of her greatest guilty pleasures is to people-watch in cafes, and her passion lies in sustainability and human-centered design thinking. A wanderer, she loves to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds as she learned four languages throughout her traveling experiences. Her favorite activity is to wander on the streets and listen to stories. And lots of yoga, music, and mangas.

Ryan Stiles – Business Administration, USC, Class of 2020

Ryan is finishing up his degree at USC and will graduate in December with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Communication Design. Last year, he spent six months with Neutrogena as a Digital Marketing Co-op. When Ryan isn’t enjoying the outdoors or painting, he’s eating. He recently moved to Koreatown and has been having a blast trying all of the great local restaurants.

Enrique Goudet – Computer Science and Mathematics, Occidental College, Class of 2021

My name is Enrique Goudet, I am from Mexico City and study Computer Science and Math at Occidental College in Los Angeles. I love meeting new people, exploring cities and adventure sports. I like to spend my time building things and learning new things.

Rowan Fitch – Computer Science and Mathematics, Occidental College, Class of 2021

Rowan is originally from Jacksonville, FL and is now starting his senior year at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. At Occidental, Rowan is double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. Post grad, he wants to work as a software engineer. Outside school, he likes to work on his own web application projects, for both the creative and learning aspects. Rowan has also been surfing for ten years, and when he’s not coding or doing math homework, you can find him out at the Huntington Beach pier catching a few waves.

Hanhui Lu “Lu” – Master of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, 

Lu is a passionate designer from Beijing, China. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. Lu has a hybrid background in Architecture and Interaction design, which equips her with diversified design thinking and solid problem-solving ability. Besides work, she enjoys doodling in her notebook, hanging out with friends and learning about American cultures. What’s more, she is a crazy fan of dogs and has a labrador in China.

Julian Willnow – Economics, Occidental College, Class of 2021

Julian was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Politics at Occidental College in Los Angeles. When he isn’t doing economics homework, Julian works as an editor at the school newspaper, The Occidental. Julian is passionate about journalistic and creative writing, and also writes content for the PeakMetrics blog. A dual citizen of Germany and the U.S.A., Julian is an avid soccer fan, and enjoys playing soccer with his friends as well as supporting his favorite teams on TV.