Mayors Buttigieg and DeBlasio showing Traction? Andrew Yang trend? Beto sources?

March 18th 2019

Using Amy Klobuchar’s mentions in leading news sources as a common reference, one can see Pete Buttigieg and Bill DeBlasio showing better than some might imagine. Not Kamala or Beto peaks, but getting mentions.

Andrew Yang’s curve shows slow growth but not the same kind of follow-the-leaders sympathetic pickup. Interestingly, Mr. Yang’s main mentions are in CBS News, Washington Post, and AOL News. Amy Klobuchar, in contrast, is mentioned most in The Hill, then Fox News, then Washington Post Politics. Restricting mentions just to high quality news outlets, Mr. Yang looks a lot better than he otherwise would.

Beto O’Rourke’s main mentions are as follows (since late Dec): 417 KXAN (Austin local news and weather), 94 Yahoo News (vs. 71 for Amy Klobuchar), 161 Daily Mail UK (not among the top 10 sources for Klobuchar), 85 The Hill (vs. 124 for Klobuchar), 85 Texas Homepage, 83 Washington Examiner, 80 myarklamiss (neither three among the top 10 sources for Klobuchar), 87 mychamplainvalley (which mentioned Klobuchar 46x in the same period, and is Bernie Sanders’ VT local news).

On the one hand, it’s good news for Mr. O’Rourke that he remains a popular topic in TX (we are not doing sentiment on these counts) though the UK popularity is a bit of a head-scratcher. On the other hand, being the Daily Mail darling is different from being in the Washington Post.