Brexit anyone?

May 5th 2019

Some of the more novel language around Brexit recently:

/world of brexit/

/whole brexit thing/

/semi-demi brexit/

/prolonged brexit imbroglio/

/pro-brexit facebook/

/potentially calamitous no-deal brexit/

/pointless brexit/

/polarising effect of brexit/

/militant brexiteers/

/looming brexit cloud/

/loathed by brexiteers/

/jingoistic brexit climate/

/morass of brexit/

/psychodrama of brexit/

/brexiteers vehemently oppose anything/

/bitter sentiment about brexit/

/mired in brexit chaos/

/inanity of brexit/

/brexit, irish question/

/knowledgeable brexitologist/

/brexit vaudeville/

/brexit-voting former industrial heartlands/

/shadow brexit/

/flexible brexit/

/multifaceted strategic partnership especially post-brexit/

/last-ditch brexit/

/sabotage brexit/

/survive brexit/

and oh so many more.