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Content creation has become one of the most powerful resources to reach potential customers and social media is currently one of the most important ways to make that content accessible to everybody. Designing and implementing a successful social media marketing strategy requires a lot of effort and knowledge about your industry. It is not simply about sharing high quality content, you have to offer your audience what they need and do it when and where they are available to consume that information. 

While it is important to identify your audience and analyze the effectiveness of your strategy, this alone won't be enough if you are not tracking your competitors behavior on digital platforms. Once you know what type of content brings you the best results, don’t be shy and share it with the world by using all the resources that online advertising platforms put at your disposal. To be fast, efficient and successful, you can resort to external tools. However, finding the right one can become a job in and of itself.

So, today we are talking about Metricool: an all-in-one digital tool that allows you to analyze your performance on different social platforms and that of your competitors, schedule your content ahead of time at the right time (that is, when your community is connected) and create, manage and monitor your ad campaigns on digital advertising platforms from the same place. 

So let’s have a look!

How Metricool is organized?

Metricool is organized by brands which makes it possible to have all the social media related to a client together and properly differentiated. As of today you can connect a brand (or client) to: 

  • A Facebook page or group
  • A professional Instagram account
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • A website or blog

Metricool is always evolving and keeps working on integrating new platforms and improvements, so I recommend that you keep an eye on Metricool’s social networks to be updated with all the new features and updates. 

Analytics by Metricool

Analysis is an essential instrument to guide you along every step you take to achieve your marketing goals. It will help you to adapt quickly to any unforeseen situation and ensure that you don’t deviate from your objectives. Metricool knows how important a thorough analysis can be which is why it offers all the relevant metrics to keep track of your progress.

With Metricool you will be able to monitor the growth of your community closely and see how they react with your publications, dive into your audience demographics, check the overall performance of your accounts and analyze the impact of your publications in detail. 

One of the great advantages is that you will see all this information in the same homogeneous format for all your social channels and with very visual, easy-to-understand and interactive graphs and charts. All the tables in the dashboard can be downloaded in a CSV file (Excel) for further examination. Also, once the data is collected by Metricool, it will be stored so you can access it whenever you need.  

Competitor Analysis

Probably one of the most interesting features that makes Metricool stand out from other tools is the possibility to analyze the strategy of up to 100 competitors on social media. 

Each sector is different, and not all the businesses have the same impact on all social networks. Looking at how your competitors behave on social media will help you understand whether your engagement rate is optimal or not, how often you should publish or even discover if your efforts are focused on the right social media channel. Once you include this analysis into your strategy, you won’t be able to live without it!

Custom and automated reports

As important as carrying out a performance analysis of your social media activity is, it is equally important to know how to present the information in an easy-to-understand and professional report for any type of user, even those who are not used to analyzing these types of metrics. 

With Metricool you can generate automated and custom reports in PDF or PPT as many times as you need. You can also set it up to receive a monthly report to your email or that of your customers without having to do anything else.

Data Studio

Now with Metricool you can transfer all these social media and ad campaigns metrics to Google Data Studio, that is, you will be able to combine the power of the standard Data Studio connectors with the data provided by Metricool.

Advertising with Metricool

Metricool offers information about both organic and paid data without having to leave the tool. In a similar format to the other social media channels you can review the evolution and performance of your Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts. 

But Metricool goes a step further and has created a specific section focused on these advertising platforms and it organizes it in 4 modules:


Manage your digital campaigns on both Facebook and Google Ads together or independently, so you can see at a glance what campaigns work best and make informed decisions in the moment according to what you see, such as adjusting the bidding or pausing or enabling an ad campaign. 


This section is crucial if you want to know how relevant your ads are to the keywords chosen on Google Ads. Analyzing the performance and the quality of your ads in detail allows you to see if any part of the campaign or funnel (Search, Creative and Landing) is failing. 

Create campaigns

This is another great advantage that Metricool brings, you can create your ad campaigns directly from Metricool on both Facebook and Google Ads, separately or together, in 7 easy steps. Metricool accompanies you each step of the way with instructions to guide you in the process as well as valuable tips to get you started.


As if that weren't enough, Metricool gathers data from Google Ads to provide you with recommendations for your campaigns to optimize their performance.

Metricool’s Planner

Metricool also offers a powerful planning tool that allows you to plan your content with photos, videos and gifs ahead of time, manually or in bulk, which brings several immediate advantages: 

Planning at the right time: Discover within Metricool’s calendar when your audience is more active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Saving time: Dedicate one day to schedule your publications on social networks and leave the rest of the days for other important tasks. With Metricool you can plan your publications manually or in bulk, so you can even save more time. You can also set the budget to promote a Facebook publication directly from the planner.

No room for improvisation: Metricool allows you to download your calendar with all your content planned in a CSV file to review it with your team and easily identify whether it's necessary to edit your editorial plan or not.

Sending a consistent message across all social media: With Metricool you can share the same post on different social networks at the same time.

Recycling your evergreen content with Metricool’s autolists.

Sharing any updates in your blog on social media automatically with an RSS feed.

Increasing conversion, sales and visitors quickly with Metricool’s Instagram Link feature: Improve the performance of your link in bio by driving traffic from Instagram Bio to any page of your website.

Inbox Management from Metricool

Also use Metricool to keep in touch with your followers. Reply to their Facebook messages and comments, Instagram comments and direct messages from Twitter. Also, reply to your Google My Business reviews.

Some final thoughts

Metricool is a powerful and comprehensive tool that provides you with enough resources to optimize your strategy and smooth the way to success. Set your goals and Metricool will help to plan your content, gather data, analyze your results and those of your competitors. And don’t forget to use its advertising feature to maximize results.

You can try Metricool’s free plan to get a better idea of how it works but if you really want to benefit from all the advantages that this tool offers, don’t think twice and try one of its premium plans. 

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