Best Tools for Advocacy Campaigns

Running an advocacy organization requires balancing a long list of todo's and priorities. Fortunately, there are many tools that exist to help you manage everything you're doing.Today, we're going to take a look at some of the tools that advocacy organizations can utilize to help grow their campaigns and get legislation passed.

Communication Tools

Being able to communicate with volunteers effectively is a crucial component of successful advocacy campaigns. Whether that's through email, text, or social media, there are a host of useful marketing tools that can help you stay in touch (and mind) with your volunteers and to-be volunteers.Whether you're utilizing MailChimp to send out automated (and targeted) emails, or your using SendGrid to segment emails and capture volunteers, digital tools that can send out massive amounts of personal emails will help you and your volunteers stay in touch with your campaign.

Alert Tools

Staying in touch with your volunteers is important, but staying in tune with the news and political actions that directly impact your goals is also important.With tools like CivicFeed's Alert platform, you can stay in-the-loop with mentions of your organization and your competitors as welland government actions that directly affect your campaign.So, instead of dedicating precious volunteer time and resources towards manually tracking news sources and legislatures, you can have critical updates delivered to you immediately.

Canvassing Tools

No matter how much money you raise or how viral your cause goes, without voters, you're not going to push change. Tools like ECanvaserand Polis can help you target specific canvassing areas and plot out specific canvassing paths for your supporters and door-to-door volunteers.With the right combination of tools, you can empower your advocacycampaign to reach further and produce more impactful results.To see how CivicFeed's Alert platform can benefit you, request a demo.

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