Artificial Intelligence Legislation, Proposed/Passed, What’s in Them?

When a new issue arises, the language in proposed legislation reveals a high-level view of the directions being taken. An example is the recent bills on Artificial Intelligence, 14 total so far, 5 at the federal level.Perhaps the most interesting theme is manifest in the FL and VA bills that seek either to tax robots or provide corporate incentives to bring AI technology to the state. The CA bill is concerned with ethics, NY with regulation, NJ with education, PA with impact study.AL 2016 SB178: (REFERRED to Transportation and Energy) Motor vehicles, autonomous technology, operation and testing, ALEA, drivers license endorsement :: autonomous vehicle | autonomous vehicles | test autonomous vehicles | autonomous technology | drivers and motor vehicles | autonomous mode | artificial intelligence | motor vehicles operated | model of autonomous vehicle | autonomous vehicle operatedCA 2017 ACR215: (Third READING w/24% chance) 23 Asilomar AI Principles :: artificial intelligence | guiding values | development of artificial intelligence | arms race | human values | widely shared ethical ideals | while maintaining people | vehicles , learning games | values safety | unreasonably curtail peopleFL 2018 H0571: (DIED in Ways and Means) Robot Tax Study :: robot tax | artificial intelligence | forms of technology | human labor | regional governments | year planning horizon estimating | world addressing | working definition of robot | working definition | variety of servicesNJ 2018 A1930/S1921: (REFERRED to Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology w/23% chance) Establishes Edison Innovation Science and Technology Fund in EDA to provide grants for certain science and technology-based university research; appropriates $5 million :: science and technology fund | innovation science and technology | innovation science | edison innovation science | edison innovation | institution of higher education-based | higher education-based | center grant | technology fund | higher education-based center grantNY 2017 A08821: (REFERRED to Rules w/15% chance) Creates a temporary state commission to study and investigate how to regulate artificial intelligence :: artificial intelligence | impact of artificial intelligence | york state artificial intelligence commission | technology services vacancies | state addressing artificial intelligence | services vacancies | regulatory measures proposed | regulate artificial intelligence and providing liability regarding violations | intelligence in weaponryPA 2017 HR438: (REFERRED to Labor and Industry w/42% chance) Directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct a comprehensive study to determine and report on the potential impact of the use of robots, job automation and artificial intelligence on occupations, employment and the economy of this Commonwealth :: artificial intelligence | automation and artificial intelligence | budget and finance | unemployment and displaced workers | th-century industrial revolution | technology-based economy | technological revolution | surveillance and customer support | seeking middle-skilled jobs | seeking middle-skilledUS 2017 HB4829: (REFERRED to Education and the Workforce w/6% chance) AI JOBS Act of 2018 Artificial Intelligence Job Opportunities and Background Summary Act of 2018 :: artificial intelligence | century artificial intelligence workforce | artificial intelligence workforce | intelligence workforce | workforce displacement , prepare | workforce displacement | workers capabilities | using natural language processing | turing test using natural language | training and retraining american workersUS 2017 SB2806/HB5356: (REFERRED to the Subcommittee on Research and Technology w/19% chance) National Security Commission Artificial Intelligence Act of 2018 :: machine learning | artificial intelligence | intelligence , machine learning | artificial intelligence , machine | national security commission | intelligence and machine learning | artificial system | artificial intelligence and machine | associated technologies | technologies , including quantumUS 2017 HB6229: (PASSED w/88% chance) National Institute of Standards and Technology Reauthorization Act of 2018 :: quantum information | quantum information science | information science and technology | information science | intelligence and data science | artificial intelligence and data | appropriate , including cooperative research | development arrangements | data science | using funds otherwise appropriatedUS 2017 HB6398: (PASSED w/57% chance) Department of Energy Veterans’ Health Initiative Act :: simulation , machine learning | artificial intelligence | machine learning | large-scale data analytics | national laboratories , institutions | laboratories , institutions of higher | variable quality and scale | systems and large biomedical data | secure data transfer capabilities | research in modeling and simulationUS 2017 HB4625/SB2217: (REFERRED to Commerce, Science, and Transportation w/7% chance) FUTURE/Fundamentally Understanding The Usability and Realistic Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Act of 2017 :: artificial intelligence | development of artificial intelligence | implementation of artificial intelligence | artificial intelligence system | streamline operations | sector investment and innovation | potential of artificial intelligence | like humans | intelligence act | considers appropriateVA 2017 HB1830: (LEFT in Finance w/40% chance) Income tax, state and corporate; artificial intelligence industry tax deduction :: income tax | taxable income | artificial intelligence | gross income | qualified program | tax purposes | income tax purposes | expenses and costs | intelligence industry | tax returnVA 2017 HJR615: (TABLED w/79% chance) Study; Joint Commission on Technology and Science; robots, automation, and artificial intelligence :: artificial intelligence | joint commission | robots , automation | findings and recommendations | study robots , automation | study robots | workforce needs | training and education | provide assistance | potential issuesVT 2017 H0378: (PASSED w/56% chance) An act relating to the creation of the Artificial Intelligence Task Force :: artificial intelligence | intelligence field | artificial intelligence field | intelligence commission | development of artificial intelligence | field of artificial intelligence | intelligence in state government | artificial intelligence in state | artificial intelligence commission | intelligence task force

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