3 Reasons You Need to Know What Other Advocates Are Doing

According to the Pew Research Center, 93% of adults get at least some news online. This means things like trending keywords and hashtags are greatly influencing what people are seeing and reading about.In this age of digital media, it's important for advocacy organizations to take strategic advantage of monitoring social media and the news for mention of not only your own, but other advocacy organizations, as well.Avoid Event Scheduling ConflictsEvents take a lot of time, money and research to plan. After countless hours have been put in, one of the worst things that could happen would be to have another organization plan a large event on the same day. This takes away from the number of attendees at your event and can make the success rate much lower.Keeping an eye out for other events on or around the same date can help avoid a conflict and ensure yours is a blockbuster.Monitor TrendsIs a particular hashtag or keyword trending? How about a specific organization? By monitoring trends in the news and social media, organizations can quickly see what readers are looking for and are excited about. This allows for quick decisions that can help you reach their goals in much less time.InnovationKeeping an eye on what other organizations are doing fosters innovation and creative thinking within your own organization. When you see that something they are doing is driving interest, rather than remaining with the status-quo, you may just be motivated to find new and more exciting ways to influence change.But how do you add this to your already overflowing plate?Manually searching through endless amounts of online content would drain precious resources for a non-profit. However, with CivicFeed Alerts, we do the work for you. Just let us know what you want us to look for and we will send you alerts as often as you choose.Contact us for a demo and let us show you the power of our innovative, easy to use tools!

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