What's Happening To PeakMetrics Free User Program?

Q: What Is Happening To The Free User Program?

A: PeakMetrics's free user program will end on 4/12/21, after which affected free users will no longer be able to access the PeakMetrics platform.

Q: Why Is The Free Program Ending?

A: We are ending the program so we can focus on developing features for and providing high-quality support to our paid customers.

Q: What Are My Options To Upgrade?

A: Users are always free to upgrade to a low-cost paid account here. For the free users looking to upgrade, we are offering 50% off the first year. Send us an email and we will help upgrade your account.

Q: Can I Transfer To A Different Service?

A: Totally! You can always copy/save your Alert keywords or boolean searches to use on other platforms.

Q: What If I Also Have A Paid Account?

A: No changes will be made to paid accounts. If you'd like to transfer your Alerts and Bookmarks from your free account to your paid account, email us here.

Q: What Is PeakMetrics? How Is It Related to CivicFeed?

A: PeakMetrics was founded in 2018 as CivicFeed and changed names to PeakMetrics in 2019. Except for some feature upgrades, and new team members, they are the same 😄

Q: How Can I Contact PeakMetrics?

A: Please email us here.

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