How Do I get Alerts in Slack?

Get your Alert notifications directly to a Slack Channel.

Get your Alert notifications directly to a Slack Channel.

Create an Alert

PeakMetrics Alerts

  • PeakMetrics AlertsOnce you've selected where to monitor, choose how and when you'd like to receive alerts.  You can receive them via email, Slack, or a push...notification (option appears if you download the iOS or Android app). Depending on your preference, you can receive your alerts at the following time intervals (all times in PST):...Alert Names: Alert names help you easily identify your alerts from the dashboard.  They're particularly helpful if you set up a more complex Alert or have multiple similar Alerts.

Working with Properties

PeakMetrics Alerts

  • Properties allows you to track your website's (or any other website's) blog content to understand how it gets shared across the rest of the internet. You can use this tool to understand what articles and what phrases within them are resonating online

Comparing Multiple Alerts Over Time


  • Curious how your coverage compares to the competition? Using the new Reports feature, you can now easily compare media pickups over time for two different alerts.

Organizing Your Alerts With Folders

PeakMetrics Alerts

  • Quickly and easily organize Alerts using folders.

Advanced Search for Alerts

PeakMetrics Alerts

  • PeakMetrics supports a wide variety of advanced search tools. By default, we match exact phrases. A search for “immigration rights” will look explicitly for the phrase “immigration rights”.

What social media sites do you monitor?

PeakMetrics Alerts

  • PeakMetrics monitors Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, 4Chan, Quora and YouTube (including the full video transcript). Why not Facebook? Unfortunately due to changes in how Facebook interacts with their dev

Filter Mentions by Geo

PeakMetrics Alerts

  • Geo Filters can help you filter your alerts to just what matters. You can select a state or define a custom region to focus on local publications to see how your issue is covered in your area.

Integrating RSS Feeds


  • RSS feeds allow you to access search results from an alert and input them into your website, personal feed, or article. On your alerts homepage, click More -> Get RSS Feed.

How to use Case Sensitive Search

PeakMetrics Alerts

  • Using case sensitive is easy!

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