Browse Your Mention Feed

Once you set up your first alert, mentions will begin to appear in your feed.

Once you set up your first alert, mentions will begin to appear in your feed. Here's what you can do with them:

Once you set up alerts, your feed will start to fill with mentions: articles that match your alert criteria. In your mentions feed, you can browse mentions, save them, share them, and much more.


Actions on Individual Mentions

On an individual mention, you can:

  • Mark as Read or Unread
  • Exclude from Feed
  • Bookmark the Mention
  • Share the Mention

Mark As Read

To stay organized, you can mark mentions as read or unread, just as you might in your email inbox. When you click a mention, it’s marked as read by default. You can always undo that by marking it as unread.


To save a mention for later, you can add it to a list by clicking Bookmark. Select an existing list or create a new one.


If a mention isn’t relevant to you, you can exclude it from your feed. Just click exclude and let the system know if you’d like to also exclude all future mentions from that author.


You can share an individual article via email, link, social networks, or directly to Instapaper.

Bulk Action on Multiple Mentions

To take action on multiple mentions at once, first select the mentions. Then, click any of the action buttons that appear at the top of the page.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.14.22 AM

With multiple mentions you can:

  • Email: add mentions to an outreach newsletter
  • Add to List: add each mention’s author to a contact list
  • Bookmark: add the group of mentions to a bookmark tag or list
  • Mark As Read / Mark As Unread: mark the selection mentions as read or unread to stay organized

Add to List

You can also add all of the selected mentions' respective authors to a media contact list. See more information about contact lists here.

Email Mentions

If you'd like to share multiple mentions with stakeholders or clients, simply click "Email Mentions" to place them in an outreach newsletter. Learn more about the outreach feature here.


To save multiple mentions for later, select Bookmark. View and export your Bookmarks in the "Bookmarks" tab located in the dashboard on the left hand side of your screen.


Removes the selected mentions from your feed, with the option of permanently excluding the respective sources.

Mark As Read

To stay organized and always know what mentions you have reviewed, mark them as read or unread as needed. When you click on a mention, we'll mark it as read automatically.

View-By Sort Options

There are several ways to sort your Mention feed, each to support different workflows and preferences. The options are:

  • Date Publish (default): sorts by the published date, with the newest Mentions at the top.
  • Date Discovered: sorts by the date PeakMetrics found the Mention, with most recently found Mentions at the top. Note that PeakMetrics may occasionally find articles after they are published. Use this feature if you want to review all possible Mentions, as newly found articles with older published dates may be buried when viewing by Date Published.
  • Keyword Match: sorts by the number of times Alert keywords are found in the Mention's text, with higher hits at the top.
  • Social Engagement: sorts by the engagement any article has received on social media, with the most engagement (eg: likes, shares, etc) at the top.

Need another way to sort or find your mentions? Let us know!

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