Social Media Optimization

A relatively new search engine strategy, social media optimization (SMO) refers to the practice of optimizing your site to make it more appealing to social networking sites, custom search engines, text blogs, video blogs, and podcasts. As a client of Peak Metrics, you'll benefit from our in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge SMO strategies. To optimize your website for social media, we perform the necessary steps to keep content fresh and dynamic, to implement page tagging and social bookmarking, to increase inbound links to your site, and to submit syndicated content to other sites as a means of boosting your visibility.

Blog Marketing

These days, it seems like everyone's jumping on the blogging bandwagon—and for good reason. By providing your customers with interesting, relevant content, a blog helps to encourage repeat visits and recurring sales. Plus, regular blog entries keep your content fresh in the eyes of search engines, with the frequent updates serving as a cue to rank your website higher within organic search results. Effectively building and maintaining a blog requires expertise and a considerable time investment.

To ensure that your blog provides maximum benefit for your site, let Peak Metrics guide you through the process. We can help with all aspects of blogging, from setting up the interface to creating content to marketing your blog for increased visibility. You'll have the capability to not only publish entries, but also post images and allow visitors to leave comments. We'll ensure that your blog has the same look and feel as the rest of your site, providing your customers with a seamless experience.

Affiliate Marketing

A quickly growing and highly profitable branch of Internet marketing, affiliate marketing is a practice where an online business requests that another website places an inbound link on their site. For every visitor or customer who is referred through the link, the affiliate website receives a certain pre-determined commission. The conditions of compensation will vary, but common models include pay-per-click and pay-per-purchase plans. Although it's not given the same level of exposure as search engine marketing or email campaigns, affiliate marketing is responsible for a significant amount of website traffic and branding support. The merchant enjoys increased market exposure, and the advertiser enjoys a new stream of revenue by selling space on their site.

At Peak Metrics, affiliate marketing is one of our specialties. Our staff of online marketing experts is adept at helping online merchants form lucrative, mutually beneficial associations with partner sites. We'll guide you through every step of the affiliate marketing process, from negotiating commissions to tracking traffic to managing relationships.

Online PR

In today's web-centric marketplace, the traditional press release has been overtaken by quicker, less expensive online media. In addition to print publications, today's business communications are routed to Internet news channels, blogs, forums, and social networking sites. Rely on Peak Metrics to provide effective, brand-friendly press releases to quickly and efficiently maximize your business' market exposure.

Just like your website text, the content of online press releases should be tailored to search engines. We'll strategically weave your marketing content with relevant keywords and links to help boost your site's ranking in organic search results. Then, when the piece is ready for publication, we'll take care of all aspects of distribution.

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