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Most of today's top search engines, including Yahoo! and Google, now include local search results above the organic search listings when a consumer plugs in a keyword or phrase. Typically, these local listings appear when the user includes a region name in their search string, such as "Cincinnati electricians." Some search engines even check the user's IP address to determine their locality and use that to serve up regional results.

How does this impact your SEO campaigns? With the right tactics, you can boost your website's local search engine ranking to ensure your organic listing doesn't get shoved beneath other regional competitors. At Peak Metrics, we use ethical strategies to achieve the desired level of local search optimization within days. We'll make sure your site is listed with the major search engines and necessary third-party directories, and then optimize your web content and meta tags to include strategic references to your address and city. Our clients have reported significant boosts in local search engine placements within days.

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